Study Abroad in South America

Jenna Scott; Class of 2019
Location: Pelarco, Pirque, and Melipilla, Chile
Program: Agricola Chorombo, S.A (Contact Dr. Almond for more information)
Dates: May 27-July 27, 2017
Between my second and third years of veterinary school, I spent 8 weeks in Chile doing an internship with Agricola Chorombo, S.A., a swine and poultry company. I spent 4 weeks working in swine farms and 4 weeks working in chicken farms, specifically broiler breeder and layer farms and a hatchery. I interacted with both farm workers and veterinarians, gaining a significant amount of knowledge about the swine and poultry industries in Chile. I gained hands-on experience administering vaccines and medications, doing herd/flock health checks, and analyzing production data. Furthermore, when I was working with pigs, I lived in a family’s house. This, plus working alongside farm workers, enabled me to practice and learn Spanish, a language I hope to become fluent in. I learned about this incredible opportunity through Dr. Glen Almond, and I highly recommend the experience to anybody interested in an immersive experience in pigs and chickens (especially pigs!) in Chile 🙂