Study Abroad in Australia / New Zealand

Casey Colicchio; Class of 2019
Location: Coffs Harbour, Australia
Program: Pacific Vet Care
Dates: May 15 – June 20, 2017
During the summer after my second year of vet school, I spent four weeks at Pacific Vetcare in Coffs Harbour, Australia. Pacific Vetcare is a mixed animal practice that has several locations in and around Coffs Harbour. I was able see a variety of animals during my time there; in addition to small animals, the clinic is set up to visit several horses per day as well as receive any injured or sick wildlife (including koalas!). The practice also has a small apartment connected to one of its clinics, and I was able to stay there during my time in Coffs Harbour. Dr. Mathew Gerard, as a previous employee of Pacific Vetcare, got me connected me with the clinic in order to set up this experience. I was able to do some spays and neuters, shadow veterinarians working with small animals, exotic pets, and horses, and even got to participate in a kangaroo tagging research project that happened to be going on while I was there (with a different organization). I would highly recommend this experience for anyone looking to improve their clinical skills and spend some time in a beautiful area of Australia!


New Zealand – 4th Year Externship
Kristina Baltutis; Class of 2017
Location: Matamata, New Zealand
Program: Matamata Veterinary Services
Dates: August 2016
I spent three weeks with Matamata Veterinary Services in Matamata, New Zealand. I went during August because that is their peak calving season. I got to help with multiple dystocias, got to observe a caesarian section, and got to assist with management of medical cases as well. It was interesting to see the comparison, because the medicine is pretty much equivalent between New Zealand and the USA, but the prevalence of certain diseases (Lepto, BVD, Johne’s) is different and the fact that their system is entirely pasture-based dramatically changes management decisions. It was an incredibly hands-on and educational experience!

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